Why I love JIRA

What the hell is JIRA?

If you've not used it before, Jira is used by us (Carter) to track issues relating to a project we might be working on. It doesn't really matter what that project is, we primarily use it to track tasks when building website but we're finding more and more uses for it.

Why do I love it so

Jira is intended to make your life easier, and it does. Granted when you first start playing with it your first impression is whoa, this is a bit over the top. Trust me, persevere with it and you'll be rewarded.

We use the agile boards to get a birds eye view on the status of a project. My guys add their estimated time against tasks so we can track how much longer is needed to complete the project.

The thing that I ignored for a while is the JQL queries, but the more data you add in the more you want to filter it to a granular level.


We use Bitbucket to host our GIT repo's and JIRA and Bitbucket are BFFs. Adding a ticket id can pull that commit info through to JIRA. This make cherry picking commits a breeze.