Robots.txt in ExpressionEngine

What's a Robots.txt file?

If there are areas of your site you do not want indexed by search engines, you can use a robots.txt file to inform the spiders where to go and not go. These files are a simple text file that's placed on your web server.

The problem

When developing a site we've quite often come up against the issue of the robots.txt file needing changing based on the server. For example, on a staging or development server you want the entire site to be hidden whereas on a live site you may want it all to be open.

A solution

There are methods to control this via .gitignore files etc but it gets a bit messy and isn't for everyone.

The solution I'm proposing will only work in certain situations - namely an ExpressionEngine build, but the idea could be applied equally well to other platforms.


Getting started

Install the plugin by downloading it from GitHub and add the robots directory to your Third Party directory, normally found here:


Create a directory under your site's template group - typically:


Add a reference to the plugin:


Thats it! Now based on the Config Env the plugin will display the appropriate robots.txt.


If you'd like to modify the output of the robots.txt file make the changes to the pi.robots.php file starting on about line 33.

...switch (ENV) {case 'prod' :$robots = "User-agent: *Disallow: /system";...

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